the wrong side of the bed

Sunday, April 18, 2004

a cereal made from wholesome oats

today is not a day that i am looking forward to. i have to spend 6 hours collecting and tallying votes for my union. i also have to obsessively check each name against a slew of not-so-good data to make sure that each voter is legit. seems a teensy bit ludicrous to me.

i also have piles upon piles of papers to grade for the class that i teach. i may never do my own work again.

i wish someone would just come sit with me for the entire day. just sit and chat while i do boring drone shit. maybe you could even offer to run to the corner store and buy me a soda when i start to look drained. i like soda. and whatchamacalits. get me one of those, too.

9:14 AM


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