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Sunday, September 24, 2006

things that friends of friends sometimes give you

i am watching a movie that someone gave me more than a year ago. i never watched and i don't know why. someone just said, "no one ever things of death in the supermarket."

this is not true. my first job was at a grocery store. at 16 and a half, i thought about death all of the time. i certainly thought about death when i was standing, robot-like, scanning boxes of cereal and soup.

so far, it is a good movie, despite the lie. i haven't watched it to the end. things could change.


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Saturday, September 23, 2006

dorotha harried, if that is your real name...

so, i'm watching one of my favorite movies right now. x-men. yeah, it's not a great movie, but i like it. there was a point in my life when i watched it every weekend. i kinda love wolverine. i like him in the comic books. i like him in the movie.

in both media, the x-men are pretty ridiculous. for example, in the movie, when meeting the other x-men, wolverine makes fun of the names of some of the other characters. cyclops, storm, and sabertooth. um... dear logan, you go by wolverine, sweetie. doesn't rogue start to seem like a good name?
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i'm searching for a place where i'll fit in

well, i think i am losing another friend. i feel like i maybe don't know how to interact with other people. it feels strange because i didn't have friends growing up, and i finally did my senior year of high school. clare, emily, tori, kim, mike, jesson, michelle. that is more than i act like it was. i was a pariah for many years, but i finally found people who liked me anyway. then in college, it became easier and easier to make friends. i mean, the pool became so much bigger. monrovia, grace, sean, henry, carole, gary, alexis, kayla, aubrey, lisa, delia. a year in new haven knocked me down to craig, katherine, and julie. grad school, and things shot up again. strangely, the older i get, the more of my friends decide that i am no good. that i am not a good person.

it is strange to be thirty and still feel that there is such upheaval in my life. much of it is my fault. sometimes i just lose touch with certain people. i just don't call. i get absorbed in something or someone else. my priorities get out of whack.

i guess what i am asking is if there is anyone out there who will watch little miss sunshine with me? my parents said it was good. my mom keeps asking if i have watched it yet. if you know me, give send me an email.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

i always thought that social scientists were better than other people

still, 39%?!?!?! i'm kind of sickened.


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Thursday, September 14, 2006

you got have friiiiiieeeeennnnnndssss

so, i realized, after buying a new celllll phone on saturday, that i don't have my voice mail activated, and i have no clue how to check it.

yeah, i assume that my friends would have told me this when they did reach me. which sort of leads me to believe that i have no friends...

uh, give me a call?

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Monday, September 11, 2006

something creepier than tickle me elmo

these are... weird. jon sent me the link in an email with the subject line, "toys even you don't want." truly, i do love toys, but these? yikes.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006


i act a little like adam sandler's character from punch drunk love. only with a different love-to-punching ratio.


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i have decided that i must taste like a combination of sugar and rotting flesh

these things have bitten me lately:

this thing has merely crawled on me:


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Friday, September 08, 2006

no lie!

i got digits on the bus this morning! sure, it took mentioning epilepsy, but she was very eager to offer to drive me places. it is just an excuse, i'm sure.

i'm a total hottie.

update: saw her at the public library yesterday! weird. we live parallel lives. riding the bus to work at the same time. checking out books at the same time. i hid in the stacks because i can't handle things like this well. at least someone finds me attractive. well, i assume. or maybe, having just moved here from anchorage, she is just lonely, lonely, lonely.


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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

humor, ar ar!

From my boy:

A sociologist, a physicist and a mathematician are each locked in a
prison cell and given a supply of canned food, but no can opener. After
thirty days, the cells are unlocked. The sociologist's cell has dents in
the walls, and smashed cans and food everywhere. He threw the cans at
the walls randomly until they burst open, and salvaged enough food to
survive. The physicist's cell wall is covered in calculations, and one
corner is heavily damaged. He calculated the optimum way to throw the
can at the wall to make it burst open reliably (to within a reasonable
margin of error), and he too survived. The mathematician's cell wall is
likewise covered in calculations, but there are no dents in the walls.
In fact, inside the cell sit the pile of cans, unopened, and the corpse
of the mathematician. He was able to derive a nonconstructive proof that
showed there was a way to throw the can of food at the wall, but could
not find the solution.

Academics! Bah!


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