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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm just feeling lonely

I feel bad for not having posted in a long time. I have things to say, I am just too lazy to write a post. I've had family things and roommate things come up, but I feel like I would need to concentrate to tell those stories and I am just not feeling it.

I've got to dress up on Thursday for an event at work. Maybe I will just post pictures of that. Me dressed up is kind of a hoot! How about some before and afters?


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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Simulblog: fulfilling a dream (mine is world peace)

Gwennie, Connie, Some Guy and I are hanging out at Connie's place in LA. What would any boy want to do when alone with three girls? Put his face in m&ms, obviously.

It has long been the dream of Some Guy to put his face in m&ms. It isn't something that I can explain or even care to understand. I only know that Connie has made his dream come true. She's like Disneyland or Disney World or some crap.

Connie, Gwen, and Some Guy are also blogging about this. Though I have not read them, I am certain their posts are funnier. Read those instead.


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Sunday, November 18, 2007


I just noticed that the "about me" bar on the side listed my location as "the midwest, Afghanistan" for who knows how long. Just wanted to let you know that I am aware that I am right here.
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Now I will have nothing for my memoir

I've never been good at tag because I am slow. This is something you may not know about me but could probably guess. I can't outrun Goat Boy and am going to have to play the 6 things you probably don't know about me game. Alright, you win.

This is hard because I talk about myself too much.

#1 I smoked cigarettes for about a month when I was 19. I didn't inhale properly and probably never experienced any of the drug effects. The final time I smoked, I actually did inhale. I was almost immediately ill and threw up so hard that I broke blood vessels around my eyes. I steer clear of all things that require the inhalation of smoke. I also don't like burning marshmallows when I make s'mores. Not really the same thing, I know, but it does require being awfully close to burning wood. I roast my marshmallows at a distance. I don't even eat marshmallows because they are made with gelatin, so it doesn't really matter.

#2 I have never shoplifted. I know it may seem like I might have been a moody teen that stole from Walgreen's after school and then hung out at the park, but I wasn't. And I never would have broken any rules in high school. I have, however, stolen from my employers. Mostly office supplies, but also lots and lots of toys and stickers. Whatever. I was underpaid. As I TA I was also underpaid, and maybe should have been harvesting my students' brains, the very brains that I was molding.

#3 I have never done a cartwheel. Not a surprise at all, as I am the world's clumsiest human being. You might have thought I have, though, so it is good that we have cleared this up.

#4 I don't care what color M&M I am eating. For awhile when I was a kid, I thought that maybe I should only want to eat green ones, but who gives a flip? They all taste the same.

#5 Despite being a vegetarian, it is difficult for me to resist fish and chips. Once every couple of years, I break.

#6 I can be bought.

Picking someone to tag is going to be a challenge because a lot of my friends have gone underground.... how about Caryeoke?


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Monday, November 12, 2007

mama called the doctor and the doctor said...

I am dizzy right now. I feel like I have been dizzy a lot lately. I feel like I can't remember a day recently during which I have not felt at least a little dizzy. I started taking a medication a few weeks ago, but never really got to the full dosage, and then weaned myself off. Presumably this would no longer be messing with me since it was a good 2 or 3 weeks ago. I feel like I might have been dizzy even before that, though. When was the last time I wasn't dizzy?

I'm telling you this because I had this sudden urge, while washing my dishes a few minutes ago, to schedule an doctor's appointment. There is, I am sure, nothing wrong with me. It is just that having gone years without being properly diagnosed with epilepsy has made me nervous. Every tiny thing could be a symptom of something. Why am I dizzy? Why can't I sleep anymore? Why is the pinky finger on my left hand numb?

I am dangerously close to becoming a hypochondriac. I have been to the doctor unnecessarily a few times this year just to be safe. Maybe just one time. The other time was to the optometrist.



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Sunday, November 11, 2007

someone hates me

i'm not kidding. this is one of my biggest fears. thanks to postsecret, i can never go to a bookstore again.

i am, though, going to make a postcard to send today.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

no pressure

I am going to Los Angeles with some friends for Thanksgiving. They being very generous to me in helping me get out there and letting me stay in hotel rooms with them. I appreciate it very much and, in the spirit of the holiday, am very thankful.

I'm getting quite excited because Gwen will be cooking amazing dishes for us. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, not just because of the food, but the food helps a lot. I also enjoy that it is a very secular holiday. My mom tries to argue that they all are, or that they are all about consumerism, and I agree that is a huge part of Christmas and Easter, but, if I have read the handmade signs in front yards correctly, Jesus is the reason for the season. In an argument with my mom about why I don't like Easter, she told me that it is "really a pagan holiday" and I had to remind her that we are not pagan, either. I can give thanks without it being to a god. I feel pretty good about that. I can give thanks to my anonymous benefactors instead.

Here is the big but: No one will make this for me. Do you not understand how important it is for me that Thanksgiving be exactly perfect?
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Friday, November 02, 2007

why am i so disappointed that stephen colbert is no longer running for president?

that's all. just sort of bummed.


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Thursday, November 01, 2007


i want to write a post about an amazing hat, but i keep putting it off. it's okay, i just have to get to it before thanksgiving. this, though, is something i need to deal with right now. my roommate is completely great as a roommate. i'm not in love with her quite as much, or at all, as i was when we moved in together. she is still almost everything a person could want. quiet. about as clean as i am. tolerant of my moods. but there are three things about her that have been making me crazy. i am a bad person for telling you, but here they are:

1. she hangs the toilet paper so that the sheets come down in the back. what is the advantage of that? the end of the roll is not always apparent. finding the roll requires awkward, unnatural hand positions.

2. she wears a faux hawk. why?

3. she decides that some things are recyclable that clearly are not. styrofoam. envelopes with plastic bubbles inside (the kind you pop!). take out containers. she doesn't even always break down boxes. okay, so the madison recylopedia doesn't say that you can't recycle packing envelopes, but how would they be processed by recycling facilities? i guess that other envelopes with plastic windows get recycled. maybe whatever soaking processes lets them extract all of the plastic after the paper is already mulch. still, i wish she had looked in to it.

she only eats oatmeal. every bowl in the apartment is sitting in our sink by the end of the week. she often puts dish towels in the bowls as if to hide the contents. it is quite odd. i can't get mad at her about this because i take ever glass in our house to my bedroom so that i can have water to take my pills. i never bring yesterdays glass back down. so, okay, i will let the bowl thing go.


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