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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Now I will have nothing for my memoir

I've never been good at tag because I am slow. This is something you may not know about me but could probably guess. I can't outrun Goat Boy and am going to have to play the 6 things you probably don't know about me game. Alright, you win.

This is hard because I talk about myself too much.

#1 I smoked cigarettes for about a month when I was 19. I didn't inhale properly and probably never experienced any of the drug effects. The final time I smoked, I actually did inhale. I was almost immediately ill and threw up so hard that I broke blood vessels around my eyes. I steer clear of all things that require the inhalation of smoke. I also don't like burning marshmallows when I make s'mores. Not really the same thing, I know, but it does require being awfully close to burning wood. I roast my marshmallows at a distance. I don't even eat marshmallows because they are made with gelatin, so it doesn't really matter.

#2 I have never shoplifted. I know it may seem like I might have been a moody teen that stole from Walgreen's after school and then hung out at the park, but I wasn't. And I never would have broken any rules in high school. I have, however, stolen from my employers. Mostly office supplies, but also lots and lots of toys and stickers. Whatever. I was underpaid. As I TA I was also underpaid, and maybe should have been harvesting my students' brains, the very brains that I was molding.

#3 I have never done a cartwheel. Not a surprise at all, as I am the world's clumsiest human being. You might have thought I have, though, so it is good that we have cleared this up.

#4 I don't care what color M&M I am eating. For awhile when I was a kid, I thought that maybe I should only want to eat green ones, but who gives a flip? They all taste the same.

#5 Despite being a vegetarian, it is difficult for me to resist fish and chips. Once every couple of years, I break.

#6 I can be bought.

Picking someone to tag is going to be a challenge because a lot of my friends have gone underground.... how about Caryeoke?


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I never liked burnt marshmallows either. Toasted, yes, but I could never understand why some people would intentionally catch them on fire. I'll eat kosher marshmallows that don't have gelatin in them, but that's it.

I've never shoplifted on purpose. But once when I was a kid my mom had me carrying some little think at Wal-Mart to be sure it didn't fall out of the basket, and at some point I put it in my pocket and forgot about it and we didn't pay for it. I was horrified when I noticed, but Mom didn't go back in to pay for it.

If there was anything I was going to break being a vegetarian for, fish and chips is probably last excepting only calf brains or a live centipede.
Blogger Gwen, at 8:39 PM  
I'm pretty sure that #6 is common knowledge.
Blogger tara, at 12:49 AM  

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