the wrong side of the bed

Monday, December 27, 2004

just to spite me

it actually snowed in brownsville, texas on christmas eve. this was after i kept telling my parents that it would never snow in brownsville and that it wasn't even cold in houston, so they should stop complaining. i made lots of promises that i am not keeping about things i would do if it snowed on the gulf coast. no one is even trying to hold me to them. my family knows me well. i am not a girl of my word. i'm not a girl of anybody's word.

today i am heading to san antonio. i KNOW it won't snow there. in fact, i'd say there isn't a snowballs chance.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

leaving on a jet plane blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

yep. sorry that i haven't posted anything in a spell. end of the semester and all. frantically (!) trying to finish things.

wanted to tell you that i am going to texas today. i will be back in early january. i will probably post from home, but who knows?

i miss you, do you miss me?
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Monday, December 13, 2004

untitled #208

i finally got some academic feedback that doesn't make me want to kill myself. i wasn't exactly comfortable with everything that was said, and i started to nervously pick at my scalp while listening to the professor in question, but i haven't thought of jumping off a roof or anything. so, hey, pretty good, right?

and yet, i still find things mostly unsatisfying. go fig.
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Friday, December 10, 2004

sean mccarthy

you are the awesomest person ever. you should rent yourself out to people, and not just because you are a good kaplan tutor.
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lonely girls

sometimes i really hate being in my own head. how did i get to be this insecure? you'd think that my parents locked me in a closet on the moon the way i act sometimes. no closets, no moon. so i must be fine.

tell me i am just fine.
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Monday, December 06, 2004

if it's the last thing we ever do

please don't be alarmed but i think i have to leave grad school. it seems to only cause me pain. i am not sure about this, but i believe there may have been moments in the past when i actually derived some kind of joy from life. oh, i am being melodramatic. i am doing pretty well mental health-wise actually. i am just having a hard time imagining myself finishing. of course, other than opening a toy store, i have no idea what else there is that i could possibly do with my life.

i think that i may have to figure out an alternative though. you can't get a phd without taking prelims.

any suggestions?
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Friday, December 03, 2004

Munchausenham by Proxy

my good friend Silent Jay over at Jay Burlingham on typepad, sometimes refers to himself as the Burlinghammer. in conjunction with Temporarily Silent Jeremy, i have come up with some amusing alternatives. a fun game for you might be to think up some of your own. here's what we've got:

1. Burlinghamburglar
2. Burlinghammerandsickle
3. Burlinghammerofgod
4. Burlinghamstellight
5. Moonsoverburlinghammy*
6. Burlinghambience
7. Burlinghamicablebreakup
8. Burlingbrosandbarnum&bailey'sham
9. Silenceoftheburlinghambs
10. Burlingeringhamstringinjury

runners up include:


anyway, feel free to add new ones in the comments section!

* this is a reference to the breakfast special at Denny's. not Moon Over Miami.

** from Never Silent Jude
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introductions may be in order

yeah, some punks in my department are starting a new sociology blog. read it at your own peril.
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