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Monday, December 06, 2004

if it's the last thing we ever do

please don't be alarmed but i think i have to leave grad school. it seems to only cause me pain. i am not sure about this, but i believe there may have been moments in the past when i actually derived some kind of joy from life. oh, i am being melodramatic. i am doing pretty well mental health-wise actually. i am just having a hard time imagining myself finishing. of course, other than opening a toy store, i have no idea what else there is that i could possibly do with my life.

i think that i may have to figure out an alternative though. you can't get a phd without taking prelims.

any suggestions?
5:57 PM


1. some phd programs have done away with prelims. you could transfer.
2. split a moving truck with me in may, go home, and open a toy store.

either way, we're here for ya, dorotha!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:14 AM  
apply for a grant and use the money to adopt a child and then, when it's like 10, tour the world with it and write a series of books about your zany adventures with that child, like when you visited the pyramids and unlocked the secrets of the pharoahs. training the kid to be a world-class tap-dancer optional.
-anonymous philanthropist
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:55 AM  
Ah, but if you transfer you have to take many, many extra hours of class.

Blogger brady, at 4:45 PM  
You know, I was recently told that a career in anal glands can be quite lucrative.

Well, not in them, exactly, but you know what I mean.
Blogger Drek, at 10:27 AM  
i don't! explain.
-anonymous philanthropist
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:44 PM  
oh i see, you're dog is having a problem with them. understood.
-anonymous philanthropist
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:41 AM  
Have you thought about trying to get the department to make a special exception (anxiety being a very good reason and yours being very well documented) so that you could do both written? Would you feel better about doing that?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:27 PM  

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