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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

no pressure

I am going to Los Angeles with some friends for Thanksgiving. They being very generous to me in helping me get out there and letting me stay in hotel rooms with them. I appreciate it very much and, in the spirit of the holiday, am very thankful.

I'm getting quite excited because Gwen will be cooking amazing dishes for us. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, not just because of the food, but the food helps a lot. I also enjoy that it is a very secular holiday. My mom tries to argue that they all are, or that they are all about consumerism, and I agree that is a huge part of Christmas and Easter, but, if I have read the handmade signs in front yards correctly, Jesus is the reason for the season. In an argument with my mom about why I don't like Easter, she told me that it is "really a pagan holiday" and I had to remind her that we are not pagan, either. I can give thanks without it being to a god. I feel pretty good about that. I can give thanks to my anonymous benefactors instead.

Here is the big but: No one will make this for me. Do you not understand how important it is for me that Thanksgiving be exactly perfect?
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i love that the turkey hat is "sexy"
Blogger AK, at 9:49 AM  
I would try, but I'm not paying $11 for a pattern I might not be able to do, and probably $30 or more for the yarn. If you bought all that, I'd give it a go.
Blogger Gwen, at 12:49 PM  
If I make that for you, you have to wear it with the black lycra catsuit and braces. JJ
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 PM  

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