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Saturday, September 23, 2006

dorotha harried, if that is your real name...

so, i'm watching one of my favorite movies right now. x-men. yeah, it's not a great movie, but i like it. there was a point in my life when i watched it every weekend. i kinda love wolverine. i like him in the comic books. i like him in the movie.

in both media, the x-men are pretty ridiculous. for example, in the movie, when meeting the other x-men, wolverine makes fun of the names of some of the other characters. cyclops, storm, and sabertooth. um... dear logan, you go by wolverine, sweetie. doesn't rogue start to seem like a good name?
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In the first X-Men movie, he mainly goes by Logan. Wolverine is a code name assigned to him by the secret government project that infused his skeleton with adamantium. So I think he has a point if he's making fun of them for CHOOSING to call themselves shit like "Cyclops."

I like the first X-Men movie a lot, too--actually the first two are both really good--but neither made the cut for my temporary stay in California. I brought The Zero Effect and Real Genius. Also Serenity, but that's because there's a chance I'll have to write a paper about it.
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