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Saturday, September 23, 2006

i'm searching for a place where i'll fit in

well, i think i am losing another friend. i feel like i maybe don't know how to interact with other people. it feels strange because i didn't have friends growing up, and i finally did my senior year of high school. clare, emily, tori, kim, mike, jesson, michelle. that is more than i act like it was. i was a pariah for many years, but i finally found people who liked me anyway. then in college, it became easier and easier to make friends. i mean, the pool became so much bigger. monrovia, grace, sean, henry, carole, gary, alexis, kayla, aubrey, lisa, delia. a year in new haven knocked me down to craig, katherine, and julie. grad school, and things shot up again. strangely, the older i get, the more of my friends decide that i am no good. that i am not a good person.

it is strange to be thirty and still feel that there is such upheaval in my life. much of it is my fault. sometimes i just lose touch with certain people. i just don't call. i get absorbed in something or someone else. my priorities get out of whack.

i guess what i am asking is if there is anyone out there who will watch little miss sunshine with me? my parents said it was good. my mom keeps asking if i have watched it yet. if you know me, give send me an email.

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10:02 AM


I'm still your friend. We're just not very good at using the phone. Although we each called each other last week, we did not actually manage to speak.
Blogger Gwen, at 3:33 PM  
I'll watch little miss sunshine with you! Maybe next weekend? Friday the 13th?

Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:16 PM  

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