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Wednesday, April 28, 2004


so, because of the strike, i have been away from my email all day. also because of the strike, i am more than a little terrified to see what people have sent me. will i have to read a hundred emails about how "great" the strike was? will my students have fired off angry missives at me because some TAA member somewhere called them a scab? what is going on with socgradchat?

this morning i had a bit of a breakdown and couldn't stop sobbing. it just seemed so ridiculous, the whole picketing thing. everyone kept saying "dorotha, you are just tired. you have been working so hard!" but other people have been working just as hard or harder and did not break down and cry just because. i mean, what did it was really having to hold in my emotions for so long. i could chant my heart out, but not be bored. i could yell and shout about the sanctity of the picket line, but not feel doubt about a strike i was against. i could sing "solidarity forever", but not hate the people on the line with me. i snapped after being on the line for just one hour. after lunch, i was better. i still have splinters that i can't seem to get out, but i am better.

jeremy brought me a present to the picket. lenticular bowling coasters! i love lenticular things. i think in my new apartment, i will devote a small space to my collection of postcards and whatnot.

thanks to everyone one for being understanding today.
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