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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


i've been trying not to hate so very many things reccently. i think i am doing a pretty good job. normally my speech is peppered quite liberally with "i hate this" and "i hate that." thing is, i always seem to hate things that are really not just that worthy of such strong feelings. my friend katy would say that i am a "hater of the benign."

i don't know. something that normally fills me with rage is when i see women wearing skirts and tanktops in 50 degree weather when walking to bars while their male companions have on pants, sweaters, jackets, etc. do you think that response is excessive? i also get mad when men walk three abreast and force me off the sidewalk. and when people talk on cell phones while interacting with service workers. is it okay to hate these things? i mean, really loathe them. i have yelled at people for these things before. see, a bit nuts, right?

i've been doing a pretty good job of just disliking things instead. but, today was a challenge. first of all, there are some people in the union who are just IRRITATING and pedantic. secondly, some of them are ridiculously dogmatic. and finally, some of them are assholes. the first group of people come largely from education departments. the second group are more equally represented in a wide swath of departments (excepting, of course, econ and "hard" sciences). unfortunately, the last group all seem to be sociologists. could we not harrass people tomorrow, you guys? i know it's a picket line, but some people don't actually know what that means! up until a few days ago, many of the people in the union didn't know what that means. so, don't get up in their faces in a jerky way, okay? talk to them nicely, let them make up their own mind, and then get out of the way.

more evidence that being a sociologist has nothing to do with understanding the social.

anyway, i managed to not fly into a rage, even when faced with some of my least favorite people. something that has been helping me lately has been to remind myself that there are some things that are not within my control. i'm tempted to say that being on three kinds of meds helps, too.

i'll be on the picket line tomorrow. i understand solidarity. but, someone might get a picket in their eye.
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