the wrong side of the bed

Saturday, April 24, 2004


i was just watching that documentary about the christian haunted house (in texas, of course) and actually became so distraught and offended by something that someone was saying that i turned off the television before i rememberd that i was watching a DVD, presumably for pleasure. i mean, i didn't turn the DVD off, i just turned off the TV. i quickly remembered that this was meant to be a diversion, not a punishment, so i turned it back on and continued to watch. what? am i the only one who doesn't understand why i would make myself continue to watch the film? strangely, i was most offended by a teenager who was defending the "choice" of "fucking faggots" to be gay if they wanted to be. "what would you do if i told you i was thinking of being a fucking faggot?" he asked, "what then?"
9:48 PM


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