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Friday, April 30, 2004

here's to your health!

those of you who know me know how much i love macaroni and cheese. oh man, that's some good shit! my favorite brand is kraft. whenever people say, "oh, i love my mom's mac-n-cheese the best!" i pretend to agree, but in truth my mother only ever made it from the box.

when i was a kid, if we helped my mom cook the macaroni, our "prize" was getting to eat the last few noodles that were always stuck to the glue at the bottom of the box. you probably think that is gross, but, ask my brother and sister, nothing tastes quite so good.

so, this morning for my breakfast/lunch i am having mac-n-cheese. i'm eating amy's organic shells with white cheddar because i try to get organic stuff when it is an option, but it isn't as good as the artificial kraft stuff. people often make fun of me, or sometimes act concerned, because they think i eat crappy junk all the time. i suspect that i eat as well or poorly as the next person; i'm just more unabashed in my love of junkfood.

the reason for this post, though, is not to wax fondly about mac-n-cheese. it is to offer my readers a tip: think your lunch is unhealthy? throw in some frozen vegetables! i recommend peas. yum!
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