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Friday, April 30, 2004

splinter, the mutant ninja master?

no, i'm not talking about emotional splinters. i'm not talking about the mutated rat, master ninja who led the teenage mutant ninja turtles. i'm talking about real splinters.

picketing gives you splinters. especially when you are using cheap, untreated wood for your signs. i didn't end up with a lot of splinters*, but one got sort of infected. i couldn't get it out with tweezers, and i couldn't find a needle. i think i messed with it a bit too much. a blister-y thing formed around it. my solution? while walking to lecture yesterday i chewed on my thumb until the blister burst, i swallowed some mystery fluid, and then sucked the splinter out. did you try that on your kid's hand, ann?

yeah, i'm hard core. i'll suck snake venom out of your leg, too. EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN BITTEN BY A SNAKE!!!!! think about your self. all that vitriol? it's gotta be coming from somewhere.

* only two splinters in my thumb and one in my neck. anyone available to try my method on the neck splinter? i can't suck that one out on my own.
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