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Sunday, May 16, 2004

5 things

ang and katy have been making lists of five things that are overrated and underrated, and in katy's case, five things that are, i guess, appropriately highly rated. i don't know if i can pull off a good list right now. here's how i think it might read:

5 things that are overrated:
1. people
2. people
3. people
4. people
5. breakfast food

i don't know. i am really grumpy. should i try for real? okay, i will.

5 things that are overrated:
1. aquaintances - i'd like to just keep things friends and strangers, thanks.
2. perfume
3. non-prescription drugs
4. glamor and elegance
5. crepes
BONUS: joseph cornell

5 things that are way underrated:
1. waking up early
2. girls with hairy armpits
3. the south
4. people with poor musicianship who make up for it with earnestness
5. "romy and michelle's high school reunion"

5 things that people are dead-on right about:
1. clean laundry
2. the farmer's market
3. funnel cake
4. red wagons
5. ergh... this is hard... ah... how 'bout new boxes of crayons?

that was harder than it looked.
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