the wrong side of the bed

Friday, May 07, 2004

all i wanna do is ride bikes with you, and stay up late and watch cartoons

jeremy thinks that in the movie version of life, i should be played by a cartoon. i should think that would actually make a lot of sense, given that i try to look like a comic book character.

my friend sean has a roommate that i kind of hate*. i have to say that the only thing that i like about zak is that he once described me as looking like "a claymation girl who might ride a dinosaur." i don't know where i would get a dinosaur, but i appreciate the sentiment.

* don't read too much into me hating zak. hating is really sort of a hobby of mine and shouldn't be taken seriously. incidentally, my friend jon last night expressed doubt that i am full of hate. he thought i didn't have it in me. oh, jon, the things you don't know!
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