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Sunday, May 02, 2004

buckminster fuller

i had written a long post about eating at Maharaja with liz and michelle today, but it disappeared when my horrible computer froze and i had to restart. bah! anyway, the funniest bits where liz's stories about being forced to attend church with friends and family. liz and i were both raised atheist, but her extended family is more religious than my own. she also had many friends who were religious whereas i, sadly, had almost no friends at all. one of liz's stories is about being ostracized by a bunch of little girls while singing at a church wedding with some baptist bigwig sitting in the front pew.

another funny liz moment was when she described some family as "the kind of family where the boys climb on the roof all the time and drink their own pee." i have to say, i did know families like this when i was growing up. the particular family that liz described took things one step creepier by naming two of their sons brad. one was bradley and the other bradford, but still, couldn't they think of something else?
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