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Saturday, May 15, 2004

consequences of watching a romantic comedy

the Beast and Wolverine are still dancing. they have been since tuesday. it is one of the sweeter things i've seen in this life. the Beast has his head resting against Wolverine's chest (they are not properly to scale). one thing that saddens me about the pair is that, even while dancing, Woleverine's adamantium claws are drawn. Beast, you are a smart man, hadn't you best run? i fear that Wolverine is too emotionally damaged.

following the theme of last nights film, i wonder what will happen to this mutant pair come christmas. in "love actually" all of the characters went around professing undying love on christmas with the rationale that it was ... christmas. liz and i suspect this may be some weird british tradition to which we are unacustomed. in the film they also, inexplicably, had lobsters and octopi in the nativity play.
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