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Sunday, May 30, 2004

feed lot

my mom feeds me too much. it's no wonder i've been chubby my whole life! she's making smoothies and biscuits for breakfast and for dinner we are going for indian food. for lunch, my guess is she will make me eat twelve avocados. avocado is my favorite food, so my mom has been careful to include it in almost every meal. she's also been feeding me sticks of butter. it is getting to the point where i am going to have to start putting branches through the bars when the witch comes by. nibble, nibble dorotha-mouse!*

last night, my mom, dad, and i watched "matchstick men". my pop picked it out. i was afraid it would make my mom worry about my mental health, but it didn't seem to. she made me watch "as good as it gets" and "what about bob?" because they remind her of me. i hated AGAIG but rather like WAB, probably because of my childhood crush on richard dreyfus.

* my nickname growing up was actually dorrie-mouse. you can call me that, if you like. it was also on my offical Discovery Zone nametag the summer i worked there and it was the name i went by when i hosted a children's radio show.
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