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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

flowers and who'd a thunk it?

well, i'm in houston now. my drive from austin to the woodlands was uneventful except that i kept wanting to pull off the road to pick wildflowers. i wished the small grey thing were there so we could make bouquets. i saw flowers that were not available in the field between my sister's house and wal-mart. when i got home, i discovered that my mom has one small bluebonnet plant that still has some flowers. that was nice, too.

i have already had several lengthy email exchanges with my long-lost-friend, alyssa. seems she has a lot to say. i hadn't spoken to her in maybe six years, so i guess there was time for notable things to happen. the most notable by far is that she and my other friend alexis broke up. i have to say that i am very relieved for alyssa. it is a long and horrible story, which i will spare you the details of, the same details that i spared you in this post, but alexis has demonstrated the ability to screw with people's heads. i was once lamenting about alexis, probably to my friend carole, and carole suggested that i give alexis the benefit of the doubt. after all, we were barely 20 when we knew each other! carole thought that i should assume that, just as i had matured (a little), alexis had probably done the same (at least a little). i am both sad and glad to find out that she has not. so, "ha!" to carole. i knew i was right to be a cynical bitch! i take this to mean that my pessimism and lack of faith in humanity should always guide my actions. oh... who am i kidding? i didn't need evidence from the alexis/alyssa story to justify my bitter hatred towards the world. i would have done it and have been doing it anyway.
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