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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

friends like these

i went out last night to celebrate my friend's defense of her dissertation. she's in physics and atmospheric something-or-other, so i really have no idea what the hell her dissertation is about. most of the people that we were hanging out with were from the union and none of them were sociologists. i was having fun getting them to explain their research to me while i pretended to understand. here's the break down:

jon, from material sciences and engineering: something about crystalline structures and strain?

pablo*, from geography: refused to talk about anything except for porn. this isn't his research. i think he is thinking of dropping out.

boian, from math: i don't know! but i do know that he is the "grand integrator" of madison. some math contest he recently participated in.

rob, from english: the history of intellectual labor.

amihan, physics and atmospheric and oceanic sciences: something about the topography of something.

anyway, we also made lists of our bad habits, at my urging. here is the list they came up with for me:

1. unexpected rages
2. sociologist
3. creepy (i added this one)
4. stalker tendencies
5. too much time on internet (i added this one)
6. hates tentacle-rape anime (is this a bad habit? everyone should hate tentacle-rape anime.)
7. demanding
8. narcissistic
9. awesome (i added this one)
10. please take the spoon (boian added this one)
11. smokes crack (i must have just said something weird)

there was also some mystery dude there that i don't know. he's amihan's officemate. anyway, his list of bad habits includes the fact that he plays soccer badly. i think that is an awesome bad habit. i'm going to nominate that for my twelfth bad habit. if you have any others for the list, please let me know. i promise to compile a profile of my negative traits. i think it could be for the good of the world.

* names changed to protect the, um, innocent.
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