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Monday, May 24, 2004

from the past

on saturday my brother, monkey boy, had a going away/graduation party. i was bitten quite a few times by mosquitos while in his yard. the only one that bothered me at the time was the one on my thumb. this morning, however, i am itchy all over! why now? on friday night the small grey thing and i picked wild flowers in the empty lot between my sister's neighborhood and the super wal-mart. i somehow completely managed to miss being bitten by anything then even though i expected a number of chigger bites. i was waist deep in weeds and wearing open-toed shoes. when the small grey thing and i got back to my sister's house to show off our collection of flowers aaron told us about the reccent rattle snake sighting at the next door neighbors' house. perhaps i should have been more cautious. the small grey thing stayed on cement when she did her cutting, while i ventured into the thick of the field to get to the purple flowers.

do you think, if it took two days for the mosiquito bites to irritate me, that i might find myself suddenly overcome with snake venom by this evening?
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