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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

girls don't always make passes at boys who wear glasses

my last philosophy class for the semester (life?) was today. i really hated that class, i didn't care for the professor (though he was nice to me today), and i found most of my classmates boring. one kid in particular irritated me a lot. he had a very precise way of speaking, clearly read a lot of ayn rand, and sucked up to the professor and the thin girl in class. today, the professor gave us some beer as an end of semester treat (i am giving my students pencils). at the end of class, the kid i dislike said, "thank you for the libations, sir." libations?!?!?! what a tool!

anyway, i just got back home from getting groceries. as i was walking across my parking lot, i looked up as someone opened their blinds. it was the tool-y kid! his apartment is right across from mine. how had i never seen him in the hall all semester? i mean, i almost never see anyone in my apartment. i remembered, all of a sudden, that i had seen him before. i remembered once talking to the guy across the hall from me a year ago and thinking "cool glasses."

of course, when i got to my apartment door, he was coming out of his apartment.

"oh, it's you!"
"i didn't know you lived here all along!"
"yeah, i didn't know until i looked up in the parking lot just now and saw you opening your blinds" (yes, this is a creepy thing to say)
"how did we never see each other before?"
"actually, i think we did. i remember your glasses now." (here we both touch our glasses)
"neat. is yours the car in the lot with the TAA sticker?"
"yeah." (i know the kid is anti-union and i didn't want to talk about that)
"well, um, cool beans!"

cool beans?!?!? who says cool beans? i mean, my sister used to say it 15 years ago when she was in high school, but even then it made no fucking sense! cool beans! bah!!!!

now i hate this kid even more and i will probably see him everyday.
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