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Saturday, May 15, 2004

go lady hormones!!!!

michelle and liz and i have been hanging out all day. i know, i know... i still need to finish my philosophy paper! tomorrow, okay? i had to watch "mean girls". i know what my priorities are. anyway, we thought it was totally awesome. laugh out loud funny and all that. my favorite part was probably tim meadows. as liz pointed out, he plays a great straight man. we give the movie a whole slew of stars.

after the movie, we decided to hang out at the mall. not only did liz and i introduce michelle to the wonders of Claire's Boutique and Hot Topic, but we also went to A Dollar. i want to say that this is the best dollar find i have ever had, but that goes to my favorite stickers ever (exotic fruits and vegetables on a glittery background). this is one of my top five dollar store purchase, though. i bought.... wait for it... athletic socks that say "lover" at the top. lover? what? seriously. they are athletic socks with stripes. above the stripes is the word lover. no joke. i bought two pairs.

liz, michelle, and i finally came up with a name for our softball team. we are The Lady Hormones. lady hormones is what liz's dad calls birth control since he can't bring himself to say "birth control." will you sponsor us so we can get some team shirts?
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