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Monday, May 17, 2004

going to texas, bright and sunny texas!

when i was in 4th grade, our school play was called Going To Texas. it was about whitey settling in the lone star state. the play was massively offensive and i will save that for another post. but, i am about to leave for texas and the song from the play is playing over and over in my head. before i leave, here are things i need to do:

1. get my driver's license renewed. it expires on my birthday which will happen while i'm away.
2. make sure my insurance bill is paid.
3. pay my rent.
4. gather some school work together for the trip.
5. clean my apartment.
6. get my oil changed.
7. buy an element of my brother's wedding present.
8. mapquest!
9. pay random bills.
10. pack.
11. turn in that stupid philosophy paper.

do you think i can get it all done?
8:17 AM


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