the wrong side of the bed

Saturday, May 22, 2004


i feel really bad for not posting more while i am in texas. the problem is, i can't post exactly when i feel like it because i'm not operating under my usual procedures. another big problem is that my nephew has decided that he and i are stuck together with magnets in our heads. this makes things very inconvenient for both of us because we keep suddenly being pulled together with our faces smashed together. even when we manage to pry our heads apart, we sometimes find that someone has spread glue on our fronts and we a similarly prevented from moving apart. once we were even dipped in honey and then wrapped up with duct tape. needless to say, this is not only causing problems for us now, but will probably be even more problematic when i have to return to wisconsin. also, my glasses get really smudge-y. especially that time we were covered in honey.
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