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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

hush-a-by and goodnight

you know i love you all dearly, yes? well, i have a confession to make. i'm so tired of the ongoing discussion of theory six that can be found on this blog and that blog. okay, so i have participated, i know. i have even fueled the discussion. hell, i nearly attacked someone at a bar because of it. but, i am ready to move on! why am i still single? is it because i'm boring? no! it is probably because i'm slovenly, mean, and i don't really care that i'm single! while this isn't true of the other people concerned with theory six - they all bathe and are all very nice - and not all of them have expressed the desire to end their singleness, i'm willing to bet that there are other factors afoot.

now, as for the ongoing debate on the relative numbers of boring men and boring women - isn't this in the eye of the beholder as dr. freese suggested a few posts back? i mean, i must confess to having dated at least one boring person in my day, but i was willing to let it slide. i went out of my way to find interesting things about the person* to fill my time when i might otherwise be thinking wistfully on the witty things they said. why? because he or she was tall. superficial? yes. i like dating people that are a lot taller than me, though i have also dated people shorter than me (keep this in mind, ang). mostly i feel like an oaf and dating someone taller than me makes me feel smaller. dumb, no?

anyway, as to the question of who is more boring men or women, i answer a resounding "theory six!"

* one tall, boring person i dated had a tiny upturn at the corner of her mouth. this was from the year she had been a mummy for halloween. at the end of the night, her step-father was cutting her out of the bandages and cut the corner of her mouth. i used to think about that story a lot. how did it fit into the formation of her personality? was it significant? what was her relationship like with her step-dad after that? when asked, she would say she never much thought about it. she and i were in a class together and she sat in front of me and slightly to the right (we had assigned seats). i remember that there was a black stain on the left leg of the overalls she would wear.
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