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Thursday, May 06, 2004

i thought i was teaching my students, but all along i was learning from them!

my students arranged a study session last night, but only four of them showed up. they were, as i expected, very cute while studying. i answered questions for them, so i don't think my presence there was a total waste, but i suppose they would have preferred a review sheet. i just said things like, "no, you are thinking of symbolic interactionism." big help, right?

there is one student, also named dorotha, who i am rather fond of. she seems a lot like me. we have the same favorite movie, the same shoes, the same taste in comic books, etc. last night she told me that she has seen me walking to school and lives one block behind me. this is just one more coincidence that will fuel my growing obsession with this student. i actually told her, "we can hang out together when you are no longer my student!" the last time she was in my office, reba had to usher her out before i made her look at all of the toys i keep at my desk.

the other day a different student came by my office hours to get help with her paper. after we finished talking about her paper, i started lamenting about my philosophy paper (which i am supposed to be working on right now). i told her that i am stupid and i hate writing. she told me, "just write your paper, sweetie. you will feel so much better once you turn it in." my own students feel the need to mother me! it is kind of cute. in a turn much like my own mother, she followed that sentence up with "sometimes it helps to pretend that your professor will actually kill you if you don't turn your work in." yeah, thanks ma.

i got an email from yet another student this morning that ended with this:
"I GREATLY appreciate your continuous effort!"

glad i could help!
6:25 AM


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