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Sunday, May 02, 2004

icky for sickies?

in an attempt to cheer myself up a bit, i called my big sister. she was actually having a kinda rough day because my nephew was sick today. my sister told me that she was "in trouble" with husband and child because she had been unreachable for six hours today. she is a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) nurse and had a case that lasted a long time. my sister is still in training to do this. the supervising nurse said that she suspects my sister will be very good at sexual assault exams because she is so thorough. that seems awfully creepy to me. my sister says that she notices injuries like scratches that other people just don't see.

anyway, while my sister was at a SANE case, my nephew was running a fever and throwing up. poor kid. he seemed to be feeling better by the end of my phone conversation with my sister. he wanted orange juice. my sister gave him gatorade, explaining to him that orange juice has too much acid and pulp for sick people. he said, "orange juice is icky for sickies! is gatorade icky for sickies?" ah, kids are so cute!

my nephew really likes the word "icky" of late. he has what he calls an "icky collection" of pet fish that have passed away. he keeps them in a tin can. his "icky collection" is modeled after my mother's. she has a large number of skulls, dehydrated frogs, squid tentacles in jars, and whatnot scattered throughout our house.

the other day my dad called me to talk about the TAA contract. after we spoke for a spell, he wanted to hand the phone of to my mom, but couldn't because her hands were bloody. why? "your mom is dissecting a blue jay head at the kitchen table, just a minute." my question for you is: is my mom "icky for sickies" or just a sicky?
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