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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

i'd like to visit the moon, but i don't think i'd like to live there.

last night the moon was amazingly large in the sky. it looked like a paper disc that someone was hanging above from a fishing line. was i in a play last night? it would have been boring, unless the focus was on the sky and not on the people involved.

i don't know. i'm not often struck by the beauty of the world, but sometimes the sky is beautiful. in fact, yesterday i noticed the color of the sky on three separate occasions. when i was walking to school, the contrast between the blue of the sky and the pink of the trees near library mall was stunning.

sometimes i also appreciate people being people-y. most of the time, people fill me with a slowly bubbling contempt that may someday overwhelm me, but sometimes, even when i see people fighting with each other, i get a funny feeling, like this is what it is supposed to be about. when i think about my students, in the abstract, i often get this feeling. i love thinking about my students studying. they are so cute, determined, and worried. the abstract idea of my students suddenly coincides with the reality at this time of year. tonight i'm going to a review session that my students coordinated on their own. i told them i didn't have time to plan it, but if they scheduled one, i would show up. so, tonight at seven i will join my students at memorial union to study. will they seem as perfect as last night's moon? should i let them know?

you, dear reader, are the perfect color of blue.
7:27 AM


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