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Sunday, May 23, 2004

if that is your real name!

a note on the names i use in this post:

sometimes i use the real names of people that i write about and sometimes i don't. why? generally speaking, if the person has a public persona on the web, i don't feel like i need to protect that person, but if they are relatively absent from the internet universe, i don't want to be the force that brings them in. i'm not consistent about this, however. i do think i will use fake names for my family, though. mostly in case they are googling themselves and find this. it just wouldn't do for my mother to read anything i write! it is bad enough that she found a note that read "i hate mom" when she cleaned out my room after i left for college. i can't have her knowing the truth about how i feel about what i'm wearing to my kid brother's wedding! anyway, i am going to pick names for my family and friends, and you are going to have to live with that.

monkey or monkey boy = my kid brother
cassidy = my sister (this is the horrible name she would have used if she had a child while she was still in high school. ick!)
simon = my nephew (this is what my sister would have named my nephew if her husband's last name didn't start with "S")
small grey thing = my future sister-in-law. she likes grey things. she especially likes fattening up grey things, but she herself is quite small.
aaron = my brother-in-law. i think this may actually be his middle name. anyway, it suits him just fine.
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