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Friday, May 14, 2004

in like a lion

march tends to be a tumultous month for me. i have a relevant story, but think i will keep it to myself. i was twenty. things were unnecessarily complicated. i think i will leave it at that. however, the particular march i am thinking of brought with it a Big Change In My Personality, which, for the sake of simplicity, i think i will also keep to myself. what i will tell you, though, is that the change was accompanied by me giving up a habit. i used to pick up paper clips off the street and pin them to the pockets of my pants. my clothes were lined with paper clips. when i decided to change, i stopped picking up paper clips. i think i need to enact a similar change in my life, but what can i give up this time to remind myself? it needs to be something fairly innocous so that i can actually do it. i mean, giving up not cleaning my dishes won't work because i will inevitably not clean my dishes. i think that i will stop putting half & half in my coffee, which i only do if i buy coffee out. at home, it is always soy milk.
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