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Sunday, May 23, 2004

made of $$$

today i spent money. that is pretty much all that i did. i played with my nephew in the morning, read a little bit, and then spent almost $200 on snacks, comic books, and toys. i bought some presents for people back in madison, some of whom don't even deserve anything, but benefit from sharing the same taste as i do. i spent the most money by far at the toy store i used to work for, but i go there so rarely that it seemed justifiable. plus, i got stuff for katy, ang, reba, loopy, and autumn. the clerk who rang up my purchases was an insipid moron. when i am at the store, i have to fight the urge to manage people (and to eat candy off the shelf - we could eat all the candy we wanted while we worked), and there is always someone in need of managing. some of the employees were off in a corner talking about music and the girl who rang me up was insultingly condescending. i spoke to her for a little while and mentioned that i used to be a manager (some employees will give anyone who ever worked at the store the employee discount), and we chatted for a bit. i asked after the owner and the cashier, kate, said she was well. i said i was thinking of sending her a letter and kate said, in a super emphatic way, "you should really do that. i bet she would really like that. really, you should." we made some more small talk and i expressed suprise at my total. she said, "well, you made some really good choices with your purchases." what does that even mean? i spent a lot of money on crap, kate, and i know exactly how much mark up there is at the store.

the biggest bummer of my day wasn't spending millions of dollars i don't have. it was when henry pointed out that my black converse are really a very dark navy. what? i swear they were black yesterday.
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