the wrong side of the bed

Monday, May 03, 2004

my boyfriend's really shy. he's such a quiet guy.

autumn recently got contact lenses. usually i am all about glasses, as you know, but autumn does have quite striking eyes, and i think it is a good look for her to go without. i was joking around with ang, reba, and loopy at breakfast the other day that perhaps, since she is no longer using them, i could ask autumn if i could date her glasses. they are pretty hot. they don't, however, fulfill my other requirements in a partner, which are smart, funny, and neurotic. would the relationship work?

this morning i was delighted to read jeremy's post on theory six. i think the glasses may fit into the boring swan category. perhaps, as my relationship with autumn's glasses grows, i will just begin to see them as smart, funny, and neurotic despite the obvious absence of these qualities!

so, um, autumn? how were those trial contacts working out?
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