the wrong side of the bed

Sunday, May 16, 2004

my so called straight dad

when i was in high school, i really wanted my father to be gay. my dad was sort of a jerk. i thought that, perhaps, he had a secret life and a secret gay lover. i imagined that the stress of pretending to be straight would be enough to make anyone something of an uncaring bastard. but, my dad is straight.

liz's dad is also, um, straight. okay, he's clearly not. take, for example, the fact that liz's dad has remarked on multiple occassions that "that hugh grant is one good looking man." for those of you who share a colin firth obsession, you will be glad to know that liz's dad also pops in "pride and prejudice" pretty much once a week. makes me feel like we should give colin and hugh a head's up come next christmas.
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