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Sunday, May 16, 2004

pot kettle

so, i re-read the interview with Tina Fey in the most reccent Bust. i have a lot more respect for her after watching "mean girls". anyway, here are some excerpts that might tickle some of you:

when asked if she was a mean girl in high school, tina said, "... i would try to make people laugh at other people's expense. i was always trying to craft the most cutting possible comment about any situation. by the time i was 20, i really felt like other people saw me and thought, 'oh, that girl is kind of funny, but she's really scathing and mostly just mean.' i didn't like feeling that way. i actually made an effort to cool it a little bit by the time i got to college..."

and when asked whether or not being mean is a necessary part of being funny, tina said, "i hope not. i'm really trying to move away from it. a lot of times, when we're getting an 'Update' ready, we'll count and go, 'mean, mean, mean - too many take one of these out. put a lighter one in.' Because i don't think you can have a long future in that. you can be mean and caustic in your teens and your 20s, but if you keep it going, by the time you're 40, you're just going to be a cunt. you're just going to be an old cunt..."

something to think about, i guess. i mean, autumn's nickname for me is "cunty" and there is probably a reason for that. i guess since i am a suck-ass grad student, i really have no excuse (like a career in comedy writing) to be a scathing bitch. hmm.
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