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Sunday, May 09, 2004

scoolgirl fantasy

i was reading Bitch earlier. there is an article about romantic attachments between teachers and students. i remember when i was an undergrad having lots of crushes on my TAs, but, to my knowledge, no student has ever had a crush on me. i mean, there was one kid who wrote "I love Dorotha" on the back of his exam, but he was just angling for a better grade. some may argue that the kid did have a crush on me, but i sincerely doubt it. he was an asshole-ish frat boy! it was probably more of a "martha dumptruck" moment than anything else.

one philosophy TA i had a crush on, ian, was from ireland. he wasn't a very good TA, but he would always say, "the professor is a fecking ee-jot!" in his thick irish accent. i don't really know how much of an idiot the professor actually was, but at the time i totally believed it to be true.
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