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Friday, May 28, 2004

six time losers

still in the woodlands. my dad and i had a contest tonight to see who could pick a movie that would make my mom cry the most. my dad won by about 10 tissues. i picked "Rabbit Proof Fence" banking on my mom's attachment to her own children and mother to tug the emotional heartstrings. my dad picked "Door to Door". if you haven't seen that move, be prepared to make a blubbering idiot of yourself. i mean, it is sad in such easy ways, but it still makes you cry. the interesting thing about these two films is that they are both based on true stories. i recommend both of them. especially if you love your mother.

last night my parents wanted to go to a meeting of people in the woodlands who support kerry for the presidency. i went along. it was a group of about 12 people who met at a starbucks (i told my mom that such a meeting would likely not take place at starbucks if we were in madison). the meeting was pretty funny because it really made nina's book, Avoiding Politics, hit home. at one point, an older man offered a suggestion for something that would rally people in the woodlands together and the organizer of the event said, "we are here to get a president elected, not talk partisan issues." the meeting was also funny, and a bit sad, because even i could recognize a lot of the people there. i mean, i haven't lived in the woodlands for 10 years, but i still can pick the 12 democrats out of a line-up. one of them is the head library for our branch. she helped co-ordinate my girl scout gold award project. it was embarassing because i was wearing my "i hate myself and want to die" shirt. there was another woman there that my parents and i thought we recognized from somewhere. she was thin and was dressed like a nurse. we were brainstorming where we might know her from and my mom said, "she looks like a unitarian" which caused us all to laugh because she did. the other funny thing is that it seemed to make sense to us that that was why she looked familiar even though we have never gone to church in the woodlands, unitarian or otherwise. my dad then told a joke he heard from garrison keeler (no, not in person). it goes like this: how do KKK members drive away unitarians? they burn a question mark in their lawn.

my question for you, dear reader, is this: is it okay to make fun of unitarians? can they be the new fat people?
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