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Sunday, May 16, 2004

spoiled rotten

katy's roommate darcie (darcy?) gave me a present because of a post in which i claim that i don't get enough presents. to be fair, i really do get a lot of gifts. angela says i get more than anyone she knows. it is probably true. before my nephew was born, i always had the biggest haul at christmas. my mom is always sending me care packages. reba and loopy buy me expensive dinners. jeremy copies CDs for me. i get lots of loot. i certainly don't deserve so many gifts, i guess. i think it is probably just that i like easy to get junk. i mean, stickers make me pretty happy. i'm easy to figure out. i purr like a kitten when people give me attention. some people have expensive tastes. i like crap, junk, and pats on the head.

thanks for the presents, darcie. it is so sweet of you.i will endeavor to be worthy. the gifts were perfect and i nearly cried when i saw them.
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