the wrong side of the bed

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

a story from my stupid, kid brother. thanks, jerk!

jeremy lent me running with scissors to listen to in the car when liz and i drive to texas tomorrow. thanks! books on CD make long trips fly by, i find.

my dad's a big fan of audio books, too. he commutes from one side of houston to the other twice a day (i swear it has killed part of his brain).

this weekend, my brother and his fiance were in town for a wedding shower. mom and dad took them out to lunch on saturday. dad turned on the car and his audio book started up. mom made a move to turn it off and my dad, charmer that he is, got mad and insisted on listening to it (even though no one else knew what the f*ck was going on in the story). before they even reached the end of the block, the narration was suddenly about sex. my mom got really uncomfortable, but since my dad had just been such an *ss, my mom didn't want to ask him to turn it off. by the time they turned onto the main road, one character said, "i prefer the word 'c*nt'. it's so much more... visceral." by then my mom was nearly apoplectic, but still didn't turn the tape off (because my dad is an *ss). dad finally turned the tape off, and then my mom tried to turn the conversation to something more benign.
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