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Friday, May 14, 2004

teen movie

tonight i watched "love actually" with liz. it was both funny and sad. i have to confess that i cried, but i pretty much cry at anything. it wasn't a good film, but it was an enjoyable film with something for everyone. it had moments of cleverness and cute children, what more could you want? it was a little shy of making sense, though. parts of it were ridiculously obvious and parts were strangely obscure.

it reminded me of "four weddings and a funeral" which reminds me of my friend kim. kim and i didn't go to prom. instead we drove to austin and stayed at my sister's place. the night of prom we watched "four weddings and a funeral." at the time, we both loved it, and i suppose i probably still would, except for andi macdowell.

for a long time after that, kim and i were constantly accidently asking the other if she had seen the movie yet. it really happened multiple times. we would both always be genuinely offended that it was forgotten that we spend the evening of prom together watching the film. eventually it became a running joke between us that we could forget so easily what we had been doing instead of prom and who with.

here is what i remember from that trip to austin: in addition to watching "four weddings and a funeral" we bought matching fimo rings from Toy Joy. mine had a sun and hers had a moon. that is about all that i recall, except that i made kim sleep on a mat on the floor and i took the couch because i am allergic to cats and wanted to be further away from the cat hair generated by my sister's pet.

i was a bridesmaid in kim's wedding, for those who are keeping a tally. i was also her lab partner in AP biology.
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