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Thursday, May 27, 2004

they'll need a crane!

come mid june, they are going to demolish the houston IKEA. they have built a new and better one right next to it, so don't get your knickers in a twist over that. instead, start the twisting process over the fact that they are going to knock it down with the remaining merchandise STILL INSIDE! i find that to be distasteful. i mean, even if the cost of moving it next door is more than the profits that would be gained in selling the stuff, it still seems disgusting somehow, don't you think? maybe the last couple of days before the explosion they could let lower income families come in and just take stuff.

my mom and i are going to IKEA this evening. everyday until the destruction they are marking down merchandise. there are things that i need, for example a kitchen table and a bed, that i would like to get at IKEA, but i can't really get them home to madison. even if i could, i would have nowhere to put them until the move in august. i'm afraid the sale prices might go to my mom's head. she was talking about getting a kitchen table for me. i can just imagine liz and i driving back to madison with a table tied to the top of my car or sticking out of my trunk. we would be so much less aerodynamic then. how much would it slow us down?
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