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Friday, May 21, 2004

when god made me born a yankee, he was teasin'*

well, i'm home! more accurately, i am at my sister's home in austin. i suppose if i were really home, i would be in the woodlands (tm) bored out of my mind and wondering if i should go to barnes and noble to kill time. i have spent enough time in austin, though, that i think i will claim it rather than north houston as my home.

i have a bunch of things to report, so i'm going to number them. get ready for a long post.

1. i am enjoying leftovers from Kim Phung, the world's best pho house, for my breakfast right now. they changed their menu a bit and my favorite dish is spicier, but it is still amazingly good and it still only costs $5.50. someone needs to get kinchy out here just to enjoy this. yum! the dish that i like the best is a big bowl of vermicelli served on a bed of lettuce and sprouts. on top is a stir fry of pretty much just scallions with hot pepper, garlic, and lemon grass. on top of that, the awesomest fried tofu you will ever eat. on the very top they sprinkle peanuts. yum! sooooo good. they also have awesome spring rolls.

2. liz and i got along well on the trip. everyone is always worried that i might fight with the person that i am travelling with when i go on long trips. i know that in my real life i am kind of grumpy and tend to pick fights, but i know better than to do that in a car. besides, i'm the kind of person that likes to say something really mean, leave quickly, and then go cry. you can't do that in a car.

3. we listened to all of Running With Scissors on the way down. we kept having to turn of the CD and take breaks. what a terrible life augusten lived. eek! my skin crawled right off my body multiple times.

hmm. i thought i had more to say, but i guess that is all for now. i should have called in my posts from the road because i kept thinking, "i should blog that" but i have forgotten all of those things that i meant to say.

anyway, today i don't know what i am going to do. i don't have a key to my sister's house yet, so i am kind of trapped right now. i want to go to Toy Joy, the store where i used to work, but i don't feel very motivated. i could get a key from my brother's fiance, but i haven't taken a shower yet and i don't really feel like starting my day. laziness may win. i think i might go to a picnic at my nephew's daycare later.

* for indigo girls fans among my readers (and i know there are some). i personally think the song this line is from is pretty corny (like most of emily's songs), but i always liked this line because i was born a yank myself, but am much more at home in texas.
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