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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

when i was just a little girl, i asked my mother, "what will i be?"

remember how my kid brother is getting married? well, i exchanged some emails with him today about what i am supposed to wear as a bridesmaid. i am not to keen on the idea of wearing a dress, you know. i sort of have the build of a forgotten claymation figurine circa the heyday of Gumby. that being the case, i am not really interested squishing myself into a spaghetti strap thing just to match the other bridesmaid. my brother said it was fine if i wore what the groomsmen are wearing, which will be guayabara shirts and slacks. seems fine to me!

i told my mom that chuck and jenny said i could wear a guayabara shirt "just like my friend henry" and she freaked out. she thinks if i do this i will somehow being taking attention away from the wedding couple. "ooooh!" people will squeal, "gender transgression!!!!" people will leave the wedding not even knowing that it happened. all because i will be dressed like a boy!

i don't understand my mother sometimes. she has some wacko ideas about gender, if you ask me. i mean, when this whole wedding thing started, she told me that she and my dad had actually had a discussion when i was thirteen in which they started saving money for my wedding. what? i told my mom when i was five that i had no intention of getting married. people never listen to kids. anyway, my parents didn't save money for chuck's wedding because he is a boy.

i told my mom that she was "anti-feminist" and then i told her she wasn't allowed to argue with me about it because i would win. yes, i'm a jerk.

after i talked to my mom, i asked my brother, just to make sure, and it is fine with him if i dress like henry and david. henry is very excited about it.
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