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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

will work for toys

once i actually did work for toys. it was the first christmas season after i moved away from texas. i didn't have a lot of money cuz i was just a temp and i figured that i should work at toy joy as long as i was in austin. i was actually paid in toys and not wages. illegal? perhaps. but, i got a lot of toys that year, and so did all of my friends and loved ones.

today i did some more shopping with money that i do not have. i went to the korean stationery store and bought a bunch of stickers, paper, etc. and then went to the japanese stationery store and did the same thing. after that, i went to the feminist bookstore to buy one specific thing for a friend who didn't believe there are gay people in texas (i'm sure he was joking). now, i find that i have again spent over $100! what am i thinking? i don't have that kind of money to throw away on cute things, even if a lot of it is for other people!

at the feminist bookstore, i knew the women working the register. she lived in the women's co-ops at the same time that i did. she was dating someone then who i have been trying to find for the past few years. i found out that alyssa, my missing friend, is at emory. but i forgot to ask kristin to remind me of her last name. stupid! so, now i am off to scour the women's studies and sociology webpages of emory university. good thing i have such great stalking skills!
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