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Friday, May 28, 2004

you're dead to me

i used to hate NYC. i'm not sure why. i think the idea of a city so large terrified me. i'm not some country girl, mind you. i grew up right outside of houston. but, growing up outside of houston, i never did much in the way of navigating. getting around NYC seemed an impossibly daunting task. when i was younger, i didn't understand the joys of the subway. and i have a phobia of buses.

i once told my friend sean that if he moved to new york, he was as good as dead to me and he should just say his goodbyes. he actually currently lives in the city that never sleeps and i still recognize his earthly pressence, so obviously my tune has changed.

i think, though, that my friends in madison must have a similar stance toward texas. guess what, y'all? i ain't dead yet! you can still email me. especially on my birthday and things like that. i will read it, i swear.

mumble, mumble... maybe i oughta just shuffle off this mortal coil. no one would notice. sniff.

an aside: i am still trying to finish my paper on schopenhauer and suicide. yesterday i wore my "i hate myself and i want to die" t-shirt in honor of my paper writing and to amuse my mom. the woodlands did not receive this shirt well. in madison, no one even looks at my when i wear it, but in my "hometown" it causes people to talk to me and offer hugs. huh.
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