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Sunday, May 02, 2004

you've totally got me pegged

recently, a friend of mine, let's call her autumn, met an former co-worker, who we shall call jimmy, online. jimmy, upon hearing where autumn worked, suggested that she might ask my opinion of him, as a reference of sorts. i had always liked jimmy just fine, so i said, "he's very nice and he's cute, but in my opinion, he is not crush-worthy. only because he is not weird enough. you may like him though. you don't have the same rules that i do."*

autumn, angel that she is, turned right around and told him what i said! for his part, he took it pretty well. he said that he didn't think he was my type anyway. according to jimmy, what is my type? i'm glad you asked! he suspects my type to be more along the steve buscemi line.

well, jimmy, you are right! take your good looks and pleasant outlook on life and scram!

* my rules? crush-worthy=smart+funny+neurotic+glasses (preferably plastic framed).**
** those of you who know me may notice that this describes me. perhaps i should read jeremy's post about narcissism again.
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