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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

2 good 2 be 4 gotten

so, here are two good things about this evening:

1. my friend sara called me to let me know that an old friend (does four years count as an old friend if you move as much as i do?) was visiting from out of town. i knew jamie would be here, but wasn't sure i would catch her since i was just getting back from texas and she was just passing through on her way to minnesota. anyway, i met them at a bar and we had one drink before we were all too beat (okay, mostly i was too beat). even though i only saw her for an hour and a half, it was nice. jamie is sweet and funny and, perhaps most importantly, laughs at all of my jokes.

2. at the bar, i made a bunch of silly drawings in jamie's notepad. all my friends gave me mad props for my doodles. that was sweet of them, especially considering that all of the arms that i gave people were either straight up and down or bent at 90 degree angles.

one bad thing about tonight:

1. i am sick. sore throat and congestion. i took some "wal-tussin" before i went to the bar. it cleared me up a bit. i decided that i was well enough for a beer. word to the wise: beer and cough syrup are not a great combo. my stomach is in a knot and i feel a little bit silly. i don't mind the silly part, but the stomach thing would certainly have been worth avoiding.
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