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Monday, June 28, 2004

all of the flannel i own used to belong to my dad*

i just spoke to my parents on the phone. my mom was funny and engaging (if somewhat morbid) as is her style, and my dad was my dad. he can be funny sometimes, but mostly he is somewhat gruff and asshole-ish. tonight, he cracked me up twice. this is how our conversation went:

"what were you talking with your mother about? she sounded excited."
"i was telling her about my plan to wash a bunch of laundry and then donate a bunch of my clothes somewhere."
"well, i guess it is better than moving it come august."
"yeah, and i have a ridiculous amount of clothing."
"hm. plus you'll do anything to avoid studying for the prelim, if i know you."
"yeah, dad, ya got me."
"hm. we've been talking for nine minutes. are you trying to use up all mom's minutes? it's free for you, right?"
"well, since we both have the same wireless company, i got a special deal so that it won't count against my minutes. but it's after nine. don't you have free minutes anyway?"
"hm. so, i guess it isn't costing us. i'm gonna go. do you still need to talk to your mother?"
"yeah, dad. thanks."

my dad, ladies and gentleman. a charming, lovable man.

* this is a line from the best song ever about someone loving her dad. it is by meredith louise miller. i would link it, but i can't find one. the album is pretty obscure.
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What's the song? And why on earth do you have the feature to allow anonymous posts turned on? No good can come of it!
Blogger jeremy, at 11:22 PM  
here is a good:


-anonymous philanthropist.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:58 AM  
ha! see, jeremy? my wonderful anonymous friend, the anonymous philanthropist, is good and has good things to say. besides, how would i ever get comments from scairdy-cats if i didn't let the anonymous masses post comments?
Blogger dorotha, at 11:02 AM  

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