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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

at your wedding

i'm unpacking all of the stuff i got from texas. i wanted to share with my readers something that Monkey Boy and The Small Grey Thing included in the program for their wedding. since i just dug it out of my bag, why not share it now? MB&TSGT had this to say:

"In honor of our wedding, we have made a donation to the Human Rights Campaign. We hope that someday very soon, all couples, whether they are same-sex or opposite-sex, will have the opportunity to marry. We are proud of our friends and family who have made lifelong commitments to same-sex partners. They are living without the legal protections that we will receive today. We do not believe that marriage should be an elitist club. There are at least 1,049 protections, benefits and responsibilities extended to married couples under federal law, according to a 1997 study by the General Accounting Office. Mariage provides legal protection and public recognition of the love that two people feel for one another. We hope that as you witness our marriage, you will think about the contentious debate our country is currently having about same-sex marriage. Marriage is a celebration of love and family and should be avialable to all families."

i love my little brother so much. he is pretty much the best kid brother a girl could ask for. i'm so glad he and TSGT included this in their program. Monkey Boy, cassidy, and i had an email debate about marriage last semester. i came out against marriage (of course), but was curious why my brother and sister both think it is so great. i think it really does come down to an issue of rights. Cassidy and MB have a different perspective on this than i do, probably because i might not get the same legal protections that they do (should i EVER find a partner and despite what catching the bouquet might predict). even though i wouldn't get married to a man until the right is extended to same-sex couples (and probably not even then - i don't know, my thinking on this is complex), i appreciate greatly that my brother and TSGT put this statement in their program.
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